Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

Posted: February 10, 2022
Honeycomb Drawer Organizer
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A Honeycomb Drawer Organizer for socks and underwear, the junk drawer, maybe toiletries and makeup, sure. But check out the image gallery. A Honeycomb Drawer Organizer for, uh, sodies kept in the bottom of the side table next to your couch? If you're that keen on storing Squirts and Bud Light Limes right below your armrest, I'd suggest investing in a Sobro Smart Side Table instead.

But for the majority of us, those who simply have socks and accessories spinning into chaos, the Honeycomb Drawer Organizer is not just a useful storage solution, but a satisfying take on the organization tool. Look at those undies all folded and fitted into the staggered hexagonal rows of one of nature's finest phenomena! They're not even mine, but just the sight of them makes me feel a little calmer and in more control of my life.

What is it Marie Kondo says? Getting your small shit together will help you get your big shit together? No, not Marie Kondo? OK, then it was me.

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