Golf Club Clothes Hangers

Posted: July 14, 2018
Golf Club Clothes Hangers
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Golf club clothes hangers are the perfect unique, personal, 100-pound gift for a man who loves to golf...and get a complete shoulder workout every time he takes out or hangs up a shirt!

OK, they probably don't weigh a full 100 pounds. At least not each....

Handmade from previously used irons, Cigart Metalworks points out - unnecessarily, I'd say - these club clothes hangers are "heavy duty construction" with a standard 17" hanger span. On the upshot, their hefty material choice makes them super sturdy and strong enough to hold winter coats, snow gear, and any heavy work gear men and women of the military or public safety services might have.

Cigart Metalworks has an extensive collection of golf clubs awaiting upcycling, and buyers can select the brands they want when purchasing the hangers.

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