Cryptex Security Boxes

Posted: December 11, 2014
Cryptex Security Boxes
$275 - $3k
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Talk about usable art. Justin Nevins' Cryptex Security Boxes might be the most compelling pieces of Keep Your Mitts Off My Stuff I've seen all year. Tactical shelving and hidden doors included. The designer hand makes 3 echelons of his coded vaults for people with moderate to insane amounts of money to blow on protecting their most precious small personal effects. All Cryptex Security boxes have hand-polished solid brass code rings, end caps, and security tubes. Their differences lie in Nevins' material choices for his spacer rings.

His DaVinci ($3,000+) and Nevins ($900 to $2,500) lines of Cryptex Security Boxes incorporate real marble, granite, metal, or exotic woods into their sleek, cylindrical bodies. The DaVinci represents Nevins' original concept, and all of these boxes are custom-made to order according to the buyer's size, material, and features requests. Buyers also select a permanent passcode that Nevins cuts into the Cryptex.

The Nevins and Replica Lines are both fitted with mechanically-changeable codes, so buyers may set and reset passwords as many times as they like. Again, the Nevins Cryptexes are precision-machined from materials similar to the DaVincis. Replica Security Boxes maintain a similar visual aesthetic, but to lower their price point ($275) Nevins uses a durable polycarbonate ring with a marble photo laminate in favor of the authentic materials. Replica boxes are still polished, assembled, and tuned by hand.

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