Super Wide Peephole for Viewing Up to 7' Away

Posted: September 20, 2021
Super Wide Peephole for Viewing Up to 7' Away
$46.99 - $69.07
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I guess the question is, why get a Door Scope super wide peephole for peeping peeps at your front door from up to 7' away when you could just get a Ring Doorbell or a Wyze Camera, or at least an LCD panel digital peephole?

And that's a very good question. My best guess is the Door Scope DS2000 Door Viewer is ideal for the elderly, or anyone else who doesn't know how / doesn't want to install a bunch of IoT tech and a smartphone app just to learn who's outside the door. And unlike recording devices that always have a few-second delay both before they ping you about activity, or call up a live camera feed, a super wide peephole provides instant intel.

As long as you're no more than 7' away.

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