ShelterCube Extreme - Above-Ground Emergency Shelter

Posted: June 25, 2022
ShelterCube Extreme - Above-Ground Emergency Shelter
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I sure hope I never need to use a ShelterCube Extreme, but after what I "anonymously" mailed my tight-ass boss, I feel like maybe a storm's a-comin'.

Created by Survive-a-Storm (what branding!) the ShelterCube Extreme is a 6' x 4' above-ground shelter designed specifically with tornadoes in mind, but useful in a variety of other emergency situations as well. Its quarter-inch welded steel construction probably isn't bomb-proof, but it will stand strong in storms up to an EF-5 tornado (winds of 200+ mph) plus has a NIJ-IIA ballistics rating, making the ShelterCube Extreme entry-level bulletproof.

The door to the ShelterCube Extreme has a triple-locking, single-lever latching mechanism and commercial-grade handle, in case you need to seek protection from more than a storm, and a locking interior bench seat for storing emergency supplies and valuables.

Survive-a-Storm has also installed a bolted vent in ShelterCube, which inhabitants can use as a secondary means of escape if the door is blocked. Conduit connection channels add the ability to install electricity or phone inside the shelter as well.

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