Safety Light Curtains - Security Sensors & Alarm

Posted: April 16, 2020
Safety Light Curtains - Security Sensors & Alarm
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Safety Light Curtains could be the newest addition to my PPE. Face Mask: check. Hand sanitizer: check. Thermometer and O2 pulse oximeter: check. Motion sensitive light grating that sounds an alarm when someone breaches my 6-foot social distancing boundary: could be check, dudes. Could be check.

Designed for use in industrial settings operating dangerous or sensitive equipment, and to block off restricted areas, the Safety Light Curtains emit 10 horizontal beams of infrared light that respond in less than 20 milliseconds when they sense a finger, palm, or wrist / larger portion of a body pushing past them. Depending on how your Safety Light Curtains are set up, their response to a disturbance is either an alarm, with 3 beam pitches identifying the level of infraction, or a blackout signal that shuts down connected equipment and machinery.

Safety Light Curtain infrared sensors have a sensing height of 430mm, and connect via PLC, PC, or light curtain controller.

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