Havenshield Door Barricade

Posted: October 27, 2019
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The Havenshield Door Barricade is a home security device for quickly blocking interior access to intruders. It installs over any standard door in your home (or office or classroom) like a wreath. Not exactly a bearer of holiday cheer, but the Havenshield Door Barricade could prove to be an invaluable addition to your protection plan against an attempted intrusion or attack.

The Door Barricade hides a pair of 2 x 4 wood beams vertically behind its solid facade. When deployed the beams rotate into place horizontally across the top and bottom thirds of the door, securing in latches mounted to the door frame. This prevents intruders from kicking in the protected door.

Havenshield designed the Door Barricade to support fast and simple activation, specifically one that a child can accomplish in seconds. The company points out that while security companies and elaborate sensor and camera systems can let you know that an intruder is on your property or broken in, the Door Barricade supplies a crucial next step: preventing access altogether.

You can use a Door Barricade on your front door, or on a bedroom or bathroom door for added security while sleeping or showering. A closet door is another option if you want to establish a sort of safe room in the house for your family. According to Havenshield, "The most important thing is to place the barricade in a location where you can activate it before an intruder gets to you."

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