Concealed Storage Mirror

Posted: November 05, 2015
Concealed Storage Mirror
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Ladies, no mirror will dare say Snow White is the fairest of them all when it catches wind of what you're ready to pull out from behind its glass. This 60" wall-mounted red herring conceals a full-length storage cabinet for stowing anything from fine jewelry to wads of cash to the shotgun loaded and ready to set Mirror, Mirror straight on a couple of things.

While completely hidden from wandering eyes and thieving fingers, the Concealed Storage Mirror's contents remain easily accessible to those with the key, in this case a magnet that releases a hidden magnetic lock in the mirrored cover when it passes over it.

The cover itself has been backed with a robust security panel and encased in a full frame to keep it safe from bashing and break-ins. The interior cabinet sells empty insofar as buyers must add their own shelves and have the ability to design their own interior organization systems to suit the items to be stored.

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