Box Gobbler Through-Wall Package Drop Door

Posted: February 09, 2022
$1,895 - $2,545
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Hey, if you're willing to install a special door for your pets, why not a special door for your packages? The Box Gobbler from MS Sentinel could prove to be at least as valuable, saving you from porch pirates and weather-exposed deliveries just as the doggie door saves you from pee-stained rugs and piles of poo on the couch.

The Box Gobbler is a through-wall installation consisting of a door and frame, a roller bottom on the inside of the door for ease of package transfer, and a 4- to 6-digit electronic keypad controller. The standard drop door creates a 14" x 28" wall opening, while a larger Box Gobbler model expands the size to 28" x 28".

The keypad obviously unlocks the door, and MS Sentinel says all mail carriers will accept and be able to use it. (Presumably, you'll enter your keycode in the notes or special instructions box when you place an order.)

Box Gobbler doors also contain K-Flex 2" insulation to help prevent heat / cooling loss from your home or garage after you cut a big hunk out of it to install the safe package drop.

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