Add-A-Lock Portable Door Lock

Posted: June 23, 2013
Add-A-Lock Portable Door Lock
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The Add-A-Lock does one better than the portable intruder alarm: it won't just alert you when your one night stand tries to sneak back into your bedroom to sucker you into a committed, long-term relationship during which she will move into your house, replace your Pac-Man blinds with ruffly curtains, alienate your friends, and spend all of your money, it will physically block her from opening the door at all.

The Add-A-Lock portable door lock system installs and removes easily, no tools required, on any door that opens inward. Handy for people with roommates or co-workers who just want to watch some porn without having to worry that someone is going to barge in asking if they have an extra razor or the quarterly report that was due yesterday.

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