99-Hour Timer Lock

Posted: April 04, 2020
99-Hour Timer Lock
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Kids need punishing? Willpower need a boost? This 99-hour timer lock - well, actually 99 hours and 59 minutes timer lock - will buy you 4+ days of isolation from anything from phones and gaming consoles to booze and bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs. It's a quarantine within a quarantine. The littlest Russian Doll of extraction from normal, everyday life!

The 99-hour timer lock has an LCD screen and 3-button setup for hours, minutes, and start functions on the front. The cable lock has a 280-pound max vertical and horizontal pull weight, and is both impact-resistant and waterproof for use outdoors. A friendly reminder from the timer lock's seller: "It is impossible to destroy by hand, please set the time reasonably."

The timer lock is USB rechargeable, with a 100+-hour usage time per charge. Huh. 99 hours 59 minutes max lock time, 100+-hour max usage time per charge. That's cutting it pretty close, don't you think?

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