PlantOGram Live Frantoio Olive Container Tree

Posted: December 15, 2022
PlantOGram Live Frantoio Olive Container Tree
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Oooh, freshly picked olives from...your living room? If you decide to keep PlantOGram's live Frantoio Olive Container Tree indoors, yep. Freshly picked olives direct from your living room. Olive it!

Frantoio olives originate from Tuscany, and are typically used to produce top-notch olive oils that are "very fruity with a beautiful aroma." While PlantOGram does not suggest popping the tree's ripe olives directly from branch to piehole (kind of a bummer - woulda made the appetizer table at your next dinner party a real standout) you can definitely use them to press some homemade EVOO, or cure them for a marinated olive tray, or to use in other culinary delights.

You can expect the PlantOGram Frantoio Olive Tree to reach a mature height of 6' to 8', though it will be just 2' to 3' upon arrival, so you can always start it out indoors, and move it outside if it outgrows your space. PlantOGram ships its tree in a 2- to 3-gallon standard black nursery container, wrapping it in a burlap bag and red ribbon for a nicer aesthetic. The PlantOGram shipping box is also purdy to look at, so the Frantoio Olive Tree would make a great holiday gift for the plant lovers in your life this season.

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