Mini Marimo Aquarium

Posted: April 23, 2017
Mini Marimo Aquarium
$7.80 - $11.80
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Here's a tiny Marimo Aquarium for all of you insane adventurous people out there moving into tiny houses. Think of it as a housewarming gift. Except, uh, you'll need to buy it yourself. Even at the tiny prices Etsy shop New Dream World is selling the moss ball and mini footed tank kits for, the Tiny House Map indicates there are a surprisingly lot of you tiny house dwellers out there. And I need to save my money for the modest 7,000 square foot home with 4-car garage my girlfriend and I are looking to upgrade to. She wants to get a second cat. We need the extra space.

Marimo mini aquariums include an 8mm marimo moss ball, a type of Japanese fresh water algae some say will bring happiness and good luck. The Japanese consider them small pets as much as desktop decor, which is probably why New Dream World's glass orbs come with feet. Only 3 of them though, so clearly this little pet is an amputee who needs extra love.

Choose from 1.6", 2", 2.4", and 3.1" diameter mini orbs, and pick out a glass gravel color at checkout. The kit also comes with an itty bitty seashell and sea fan.

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