Maze Planter DIY Build & Grow Botany Kit

Posted: October 14, 2019
Maze Planter DIY Build & Grow Botany Kit
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Enjoy some STEM education, some stalk education, and some overall growth with the Maze Planter, a DIY build & grow botany kit for kids. The dual-sided planter comes disassembled, but with setup easy enough for girls and boys 6 and up. After you have the house-shaped maze built, it's time to jump from handy to green thumb-y, filling the kit's 2 boxes with soil, and then planting some beans.

The sprouts here probably won't grow up to a giant's lair in the sky, but as the stalks start to shoot up, you'll be able to cultivate some botanist techniques to "train" them to grow in specific paths through the Maze Planter. Beneath the planters a water reservoir has a transparent cover for monitoring plant growth from the root down, and learning how they absorb water too.

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