Lithops - Living Stone Succulent Plants

Posted: June 06, 2019
Lithops - Living Stone Succulent Plants

This listing's seller promises "Live fat succulent plants!" to anyone who buys their Lithops living stones. Lithops are a type of succulent - part of the ice plant family - native to southern Africa. It's easy to see how they get their nickname, lookin' all like little pebbles decked out for the clown show.

Like most succulents Lithops have the desirable plant attribute of looking great with little maintenance and care, and being difficult to kill. They need to be watered just once a week, and like mild, not direct or strong sunlight. Rounding out their Goldilocks preferences, the stone succulents also want a space that's not too hot and not too cold. In this case, it all works to your advantage, because those are pretty much the conditions inside at least one room of every home.

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