Bunny Ear Succulents

Posted: March 07, 2021
Bunny Ear Succulents
$8.60 - $18.60
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All the cuteness, half the care, and bunny ear succulents won't drop poop pellets all over your house when you bring them out to play. With the current popularity of houseplants, succulents in particular, and the impending egg and bunny season, Monilaria obconica could make the perfect gift for your favorite green thumb, or addition to your family's Easter baskets.

There are a lot of succulents out there even I have conceded are "cute," but never have I seen them so precious, so heartwarming, so adorable as these that sprout like fuzzy green rabbit ears. The listing here is for batches of 10 or 25 bunny ear succulent seeds. Plant them in a loam-based compost with some grit or perlite to promote drainage. They like bright, indirect light, and if you get them started soon, you may see your bunny ears begin to pop up before summer, when the succulents go dormant.

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