Brass Plant Mister

Posted: November 27, 2018
Brass Plant Mister
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The Haws brass plant mister is a functional and attractive tool for quenching the thirst of Bonsai trees, air plants, flowers, cacti, or any other indoor plant. It's also a functional and attractive tool for training your cat Zanzibar not to climb the Christmas tree or try to bat off your prized sparkly taco ornament from its branches.

At least when your wife's not looking. She thinks it's cruel to brass mister your pet in the face. Even though you Googled it and showed her how animal behaviorists deem it a harmless and effective form of training!

A gift for plant lovers, a gift for pet lovers, I say the Haws brass plant mister can go either way. The vintage-style can holds up to 10 ounces of water you can use to help plants retain their moisture in dry conditions, and keep their leaves dust-free. And keep your cat's paws off your sparkly tacos.

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