The Bark Potty

Posted: October 28, 2020
The Bark Potty
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The Bark Potty. High-paw for the wordplay there, ye makers of a mulch-filled pee and poop plat for pups. Intended both for housebreaking and apartments or urban homes where taking the dog out isn't always as easy as it sounds, the indoor / outdoor Bark Potty is a more natural, eco-friendly substitute for pee pads.

Similar to the real grass used in pee-here-not-there tools like the Fresh Patch, the Bark Potty is made of real tree bark, which its makers say "contains the natural smells that compel dogs to 'go'." Speaking of smells, Bark Potty says its proprietary blend of wood chips will also naturally neutralize the unsavory eau de pee aromas your dog creates.

Bark Potty bark is sealed into a cardboard tray with a sheet of wire mesh, and the tray is lined to prevent leaks. A single Bark Potty is made to replace up to 60 pee pads.

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