Meowijuana Catnip

Posted: October 26, 2022
Meowijuana Catnip
$6.95 - $19.50
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Do your cats have the need, the need for weed? Meowijuana Catnip feels their cravings, and has developed a whole line of herbalicious products they call "Catnip so good it should be illegal!"

That said, Meowijuana Catnip is neither illegal nor dangerous for your kitties. It is 100% natural, and grown organically in the US - free of preservatives, pesticides, fillers, and artificial ingredients. Meowijuana also says their catnip buds are premium in texture and cut, hand-sifted to eliminate rough bits and stems that might otherwise compromise potency.

Meowijuana Catnip comes in a variety of treat forms, including joints, buds, spray, chew sticks, and even a Get Smoked cloth fish. And Meowijuana promises that, like human weed, their catnip is non-addictive.

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