Dog Paw Anti-Slip Pads

Posted: January 26, 2020
Dog Paw Anti-Slip Pads
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Oh. My. Dog. Anti-slip pads for pooch paws are the newest way for dog owners to make life easier for their pets by way of making their pets miserable. Booties weren't bad enough? Now we need a method for removing from dogs' feet all tactile connectedness to their environment via an adhesive? Something clinging with no relent to all 4 paws like the packing tape they step on sometimes when you're opening an order from Amazon?

Yep, apparently we do. And they're called PadGrips.

I guess to be fair, PadGrips were designed for older and special needs dogs, plus dogs living in homes with waxed-to-the-max hardwood floors. The stick-on anti-slip pads use heavy rubber dots over a "soft and breathable" base to provide extra traction for their canine wearers. Once applied, each set of PadGrips should last from 2 to 7 days, depending on your dog's activity level.

And how quickly s/he figures out how to chew them off.

For the dog owners out there who are really digging the PadGrips, guess what. You can get some anti-slip paw pads for yourself too! They're called NakeFit. You're welcome.

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