Dog Doorbells for Housebreaking Your Dog

Posted: July 19, 2018
Dog Doorbells for Housebreaking Your Dog
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They say these dog doorbells are for housebreaking your dog, but come on. We all know it's just the next step in your dog training you. And a bell no less! Doggo rings and Hooman comes running. Sure, you want him to learn to relieve his bladder and bowels outside, and dog doorbells will give him a way to indicate when he's gotta go, but...

...dog doorbells will also give him a way to indicate when he just kinda feels like taking a stroll. Or marking his territory. Or sniffing around for rabbit poo. Or just plain F'ing with you.

Dog doorbell maker Color Scissor says the sound of a tinkling bell indicating an about-to-be-tinkling puppy is preferable to barking, scratching, and whining. And maybe they're right. The bells are easy to install on a doorknob, and adjustable in length to accommodate most sizes of dogs. Color Scissor says they're also "Extra Loud Strong Bells!"

So, you know, if they don't work for housebreaking your dog, maybe you can use the bells to Shame! Shame! him down the street after he diddles on the carpet.

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