Dog Bathrobe

Posted: March 20, 2020
Dog Bathrobe
$24.59 - $32.99
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If you're currently sitting at home living in your bathrobe, don't leave your doggo out of the lounging fun. The Dog Bathrobe lets four-legged friends of all sizes join their humans in experiencing what it's like to be a disheveled slob on the couch for days on end.

I suppose you could also put the Dog Bathrobe to a more functional use, wrapping Toby in it post-Barkbath to dry him off, warm him up, and make him feel all cozy and comfortable cocooned in a sheath of microfiber terry.

The Dog Bathrobe's inner microfiber terry fabric lining is longer and fluffier than the outside so it can grab water out of your dog's coat and dry them off faster. This comes in handy not only after a bath, but after a walk in the rain or jump in the lake too.

The robe slips on over your dog's head and drapes like a towel along his sides. To complete the bathrobe look, it has a hood and an adjustable waist belt. You can grab a Dog Bathrobe in blue or brown. Wonder if they make a canine Cousin Eddie hats to cap things off.

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