BiteyBox for Cats That Chew Up Your House

Posted: April 19, 2023
BiteyBox for Cats That Chew Up Your House
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Reading about the BiteyBox has brought me to a stunning realization: my cat, Zanzibar, has a redeeming quality! He doesn't chew up my house! I've only ever had one cat - inherited through marriage because my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, refused to leave him in the PetCo parking lot before I moved in - but I didn't realize cats and dogs shared in this destructive behavior. I thought cats just liked to scratch things, such as sisal posts, upholstered furniture, and human skin, in reverse order of preference. Apparently, they commit oral infractions too.

Such infractions, some of which included gnawing at dishwasher prongs and chomping through electrical cords, are what inspired the creation of the BiteyBox. Brett Reider's family cat, Luki, wouldn't respond to chew toys or catnip matatabi sticks as alternatives to "naughty chewing" on items around their house. So he developed a simple box with a grid of holes for holding natural oak and poplar sticks in hopes of enticing Luki away from the stuff he shouldn't have in his mouth, and keeping his focus on the stuff he could.

Reider says it worked.

The BiteyBox comes in floor and wall-mountable models, each handmade by Reider and his son in Wilmington, NC. BiteyBoxes contain no paints, glues, or stains, and the included sticks are removable for travel, and replaceable once both ends are worn. If your cat prefers silver vine or matatabi sticks, BiteyBox holes can hold smaller diameter versions of those products too.

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