Arcade Cabinet Cat House

Posted: May 24, 2022
Arcade Cabinet Cat House
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Whoa. Talk about an augmented reality arcade game. These cats aren't just 3D, they're eerily lifelike, from their bright eyes to their swishing tails to their fur that...actually feels like fur! Holy...oh. Wait. These are real cats. The arcade cabinet is what's fake.

The Arcade Cabinet Cat House is made of solid wood, and comes with a scratching board and various "interactive holes" for stashing toys and snacks for your kitty. Uh, let me say that again. It comes with various interactive holes for stashing toys and snacks for your kitty. Now there's a sweet, sweet double entendre if I ever heard one.

Sized 18.8" x 14.5" x 18.8", the Arcade Cabinet Cat House is also suitable for small dogs, bunny rabbits, ferrets, and pet Pac-Mans. It comes with a grey, green, orange, or pink canvas backdrop, which is velcroed on, and removable for washing.

The Arcade Cabinet Cat House is a fun and decorative gift for the pet lover, who is also a bit of a geek.

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