Year of the Dead Zombie Lingerie Calendar

Posted: November 27, 2012
Year of the Dead Zombie Lingerie Calendar

On the one hand, we don't really need 2013 calendars since we're probably not going to live to see 2013, but on the other hand, the Year of the Dead calendar brims with extremely hot and voluptuous zombie ladies in lingerie and brainy matter, all of whom technically may be gazed upon prior to the apocalypse and 2013 and the months they represent that we will never experience. And I don't know about you, but I would prefer to look my death dealers in the eye...and other places...before they gnaw away at my flesh and end the 30+ years I've had the pleasure of spending on Mother Earth.

According to the artistically gifted sickos who make the Year of the Dead Zombie Lingerie Calendar (and this is at least the second year that they've done it), their time keeper represents "the sexiest, most grotesque undead girls to ever claw their way out of the grave." Women who are horrifying, yet captivating. Women who mildly repulse you, but from whom you somehow cannot look away. Like pregnant Heidi Klum or fat Christina Aguilera.

The Year of the Dead Zombie Lingerie Calendar is a 12 x 12 glossy collection of morbidity that's best displayed on the wall of one's office or ceiling of one's bedroom. Buy early to ensure ample "quality time" can be enjoyed with it prior to December 21st.

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