Windi the Gaspasser Gas & Colic Reliever

Posted: April 28, 2016
Windi the Gaspasser Gas & Colic Reliever
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Windi the Gaspasser is one of those WTF products I as a childless dude saw and immediately thought was, in this order: a funny joke; a disgusting not-joke; a sad reality. You basically stick this little (un)plug in your baby's butt when s/he's gassy, colicky, or constipated to bypass some baby butt muscle and create instant relief.

Or, more accurately, instant release.

Windi reviews say things like, "As soon as I inserted The Windi, there was so much built up pressure that it shot out and hit the wall behind me, accompanied by three days of poop," and "We bought this in a moment of colicky, gas-driven, ohgodletitwork [panic]. And guess what? This tiny little squealing bundle of joy before me farted. Not just any fart. The smelliest fart I have ever had the pleasure of sniffing." The reviews are across-the-board ecstatic. People are raving about this device. "This little butt-straw is a lifesaver!"

If you're a parent with an infant who's clogged up, crying, and keeping you awake all night, you have probably become desensitized to grossness and are just desperate to make your kid feel better. And get yourself some sleep. So I'm showing you Windi the Gaspasser because, dude, you might actually want that. Real, real bad.

The Windi comes from Swedish company FridaBaby, which also makes the equally cringe-worthy-yet-spectacular-in-action Nosefrida the Snotsucker. They call it a "natural" solution for colic, constipation, and gas-related problems that requires no drops or medication. Each Windi is good for a single use, and packages come with 10 of them. It inserts like a catheter, with a rounded tip that's long enough to reach past the muscle preventing release, but also have a stopper to make sure it doesn't insert too far.

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