USBCell Rechargeable Batteries

Posted: June 17, 2012
USBCell Rechargeable Batteries
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The only thing I have to say about these USBCell Rechargeable Batteries is Why don't I own them yet? Is this not a ridiculously brilliant idea? The AAs work just like traditional rechargeable batteries, but instead of requiring a clunky companion apparatus for wall-charging, their tops pop off to reveal USB ports for easy juice-ups via desktop or laptop ports. This is just too clever for me to even come up with something clever to say about them (yes, thank you, I do hear the collective sigh of As usual coming from the crowd). USBCells function in any AA battery-powered device, from wireless keyboards and digital cameras to game controllers and RC toys. Flashlights. Automatic screwdrivers. Hand Reflexology Massagers.

Easy on you, easy on the environment, USBCells have hundreds of recharges in their NiMH batteries. Recharging to over 90% capacity runs around 5 hours, less if the battery was only partly depleted at USB insertion (intelligent charging circuitry makes it OK to "top up" or partially charge USBCells). For those who already have a standard approved 250 mAh recharger, reupping the batteries in them is also an option.

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