Udon for Sleeping Noodles Blanket

Posted: August 21, 2019
Udon for Sleeping Noodles Blanket
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Who don wack out my udon? Welp, guess if I can't stuff it in my face, the next best option would be to entwine my limbs in it and cuddle up for a good night's sleep.

The Udon for Sleeping Noodles Blanket isn't even close to one of the weirdest Japanese products I've ever seen, but it is weird enough to get my attention. The fat ropes stretch 79" long and line up 43" across, held loosely in place by a mesh covering, but just on top so you can thread your arms and legs through the noodle tentacles (noodacles?) as you like.

One piece of props I will give the Udon for Sleeping Noodles Blanket is that even though its primary effort might have been to bring us an off-the-wall design, the comforter's configuration allows for both warmth and coverage, and tons of airflow, so I imagine you'd be able to maintain a perfect temperature using it.

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