Toker Poker Glow-in-the-Dark Smoker's Tool

Posted: January 12, 2016
Toker Poker Glow-in-the-Dark Smoker's Tool
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Ergonomics aren't just for desk chairs and keyboards anymore. Stoners need their specialized tools to feel comfortable during repetitive and long term use too. 'Cause what good is smoking a bowl to alleviate the pain of arthritic fingers if your fingers are too arthritic to grasp a BIC and flick it lit? The Toker Poker is a lighter case with a groovy ergonomic design. Literally. The dips and curves of the case are intended to conform to those of a gripped hand, as well as add some girth to the lighter inside to make reaching and rolling its spark wheel feel more natural. And it's not just the Toker Poker's shape that's thoughtful. This handy tool also includes a stainless steel poker and tamper built right into the sleeve. The poker folds out from the side, and the tamper juts out from the bottom corner. A wide channel at the bottom of the tool can also hold up to 5' of hemp wick, which the closed poker secures in place.

And the cherry (lime wedge?) on top: the Toker Poker glows in the dark to facilitate mood-setting herbal refreshment with the lights off.

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