The Samurai Steamroller Pipe

Posted: March 30, 2018
The Samurai Steamroller Pipe
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Shredder says they named their glass and metal pipe the Samurai Steamroller because, "Much like the armor once worn by the Japanese Samurai, our products are designed to outlast any competition." So, not because it's a modernized design of a pipe a samurai might have smoked, and definitely not because smoking...whatever you're gonna smoke out of it...is going to turn you into a samurai.

Though it might turn you into someone who believes he's a samurai.

The Samurai Steamroller has an exoskeleton machined from anodized 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, which protects its interior borosilicate glass passage from drops and attacks from Mongol pipes. To protect the glass from its own armor, Shredder has fitted the pipe with shock-absorbing rubber gaskets, and to protect you from inhaling fire and particulates, ember- and ash-blocking 304 stainless steel screens.

On a final note, Shredder points out that if you get the Samurai Steamroller pipe you'll definitely "Look like the coolest MF person at the party."

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