The End Is in Sight Black Electrical Tape

Posted: November 06, 2014
The End Is in Sight Black Electrical Tape

Um, they need to put a track of The End Is in Sight double contrasting-colored lines on all spooled adhesive products, not just black electrical tape. This is so simple, yet so useful in saving me 42 seconds and foot-stamping frustration as I run my fingers around and around...and around...the tape trying to find its infinitesimally raised end. Here, The End is always in sight thanks to a spiraling gray double line running along the roll.

The otherwise standard electrical tape measures 3/4" wide, and is rated for up to 660V and 221 degrees. Each roll contains 66' of tape and the purchase packages include 3 rolls.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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