The EarPopper

Posted: May 06, 2016
The EarPopper

As much as it pains me to see any child under the age of 18 board the plane I'm on, I do feel bad for the ones who scream the whole 4-hour flight because they can't clear their ears and feel like their brains are going to explode out of their heads. It sucks even more when the kiddos are the kind who haven't acquired teeth or language yet, and so can't chew gum or understand their mamas trying to tell them to swallow or hold their nose and breathe out.

The EarPopper is a handy (or if you're trapped on a plane with a miserable baby, life-saving) device for home use that relieves negative ear pressure on the eardrums and allows any accumulated fluids to drain. It is suitable for both children and adults, and in most situations where you might experience unwelcome ear pressure. On a fast elevator, driving through the mountains, or even getting out of bed when you have a cold or kicked-up allergies. You can use the EarPopper on yourself or apply it to someone else. Hold the bulb to one nostril and press the button beneath it to start a constant stream of air into the nasal cavity. Each time you or they swallow the air will divert up the Eustachian tube (a link between the ear, nose, and throat) and ventilate / clear the middle ear.

The EarPopper is an FDA-approved ear clearing tool that doctors have already been using in-office for some time. Its makers say it is the only device proven to ease pressure and pain and restore hearing without medication or surgery.

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