The Backpod

Posted: November 17, 2018
The Backpod
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Have you gotten the new iHunch yet? The Backpod is a tool developed in New Zealand (so it's Kiwi green, naturally) to relieve the back and neck pain, headaches, and poor posture that can result from the hours we spend hunching over our phones, tablets, and computer. You could also have a lie-down with the Backpod if you're suffering from health conditions ranging from Tietze's Syndrome to asthma to scoliosis, as the spine-bender is designed to stretch out tight rib joints that can create pain and discomfort in the front of the body.

Position the Backpod under your spine at upper- to mid-back level and assume corpse pose for 5 to 10 minutes. The Backpod begins pulling the "hunch" in your spine back, opening your ribcage, and (re)creating perfect posture with use over time. The Backpod home program includes:

  • 2 muscle strengthening exercises to help stop shoulders hunching forward with chin poking out
  • 2 massage techniques to loosen up tight, scarred muscles
  • A daily stretch for neck muscles
  • A guide to understand and achieving perfect posture

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