Tetra Fog Pin for Smoking Kits

Posted: April 23, 2022
Tetra Fog Pin for Smoking Kits
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Tetra Fog Pin is a toothpick of sorts, but it's not for your teeth. And it's a wishbone of sorts, but it's not for pulling apart the day after Thanksgiving. The Fog Pin is a smoker's tool Tetra made to be "the most useful (and beautiful) item in your kit." Use it to clean your pipe instead of a toothpick. And use it to pack your pipe or joint to make all of your wishes to take a toke and chill out come true.

The Fog Pin's wishbone end is crafted with two sizes of tamper for your rolled smokes, while the tapered end is intended for both rearranging rolling paper when inserting a filter, and removing crud from pipe and vape chambers. Dimensions are 3" x 0.67" x 0.02".

Fog Pin design kudos go to Calen Knauf, who actually sculpted the solid white bronze smoking tool in the likeness of a split twig, not a wishbone. But as they say, once the art leaves the artist's hands, its interpretation is in those of the viewer.

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