SONTE Window Film - App-Controlled Shades

Posted: June 08, 2013

Wi-Fi enabled digital shades that apply to glass surfaces as a 0.4mm thick film, and turn from clear to opaque in a single second at the touch of a button. I'm not easily impressed by things that aren't edible or boobies, but SONTE, you've got a hook.

Bernard Kwan's SONTE Film harnesses digital shading technology, which changes the color of the film from non-transparent to transparent when when a current runs through it. Paired with a free smartphone app, and compatible with both Android and iPhone/iPad, privacy seekers and exhibitionists alike can effortlessly shield or reveal themselves watching Gremlins on VHS in the living room, practicing lathering techniques in the shower, or putting back an entire gallon of Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream--only because the pint of Wavy Gravy was locked--washed down with a trio of White Russians in the kitchen.

SONTE's app also allows for a gradient of film opacity adjustments for times when users just want to reduce glare or alter lighting conditions, and the installed shade will double as a projection screen.

SONTE Film application is DIY in terms of both cutting/sizing to fit and window application, which might be its one, fatal mistake when it comes to installation in my place, as I am not motivated or skilled enough to perform these types of, what I like to call, administrative household tasks. Is there a secretary with a paper cutter and a level out there available on an hourly basis to do this sort of thing? For those less daunted by SONTE's manual labor element, Kwan assures you (and demonstrates in the above video) the film is easy to size to fit any piece of glass, and hang via its peel-and-stick, self-adhesive layer.

Kwan and SONTE seek crowdfunding on Kickstarter through July 3, 2013. Different pledge levels return various sizes of film (standard appears to be 1 x 1 meter), as well as include options for a Wi-Fi or non-Wi-Fi (physical button controlled) transformer in the installation kit.

December 2013 Update: While SONTE achieved its Kickstarter funding goal, it appears its initial production run and delivery of backers' shades is still in the works. Follow the link below to the SONTE Website for further information and updates about future availability to the general public.

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