SolarGaps - Solar Panel Window Blinds

Posted: May 12, 2017
$390 - $1,910
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Blinded by the light / Sucked it up like some juice / Powered my tech all through the night. SolarGaps window blinds aren't your average smart home addition. They don't just auto-open, close, and adjust based on environmental conditions--though they can do these things too. SolarGaps are made of slats of real solar panels that track and absorb sunlight to generate energy and power all the appliances in your home or office.

An alternative to rooftop solar panels SolarGaps are a non-permanent plug 'n' play installation. They were designed specifically with residential and business renters in mind, people who can't feasibly install other types of solar power in their home or office. SolarGaps' built-in solar panels can generate enough electricity per 10 square feet to power 30 LED light bulbs or 3 MacBooks. They also do the standard blind duty of providing shade, and can be mounted on the exterior of windows to help protect them during storms (exterior installations also generate around double the power).

You can store excess SolarGaps electricity in a backup battery, or send it back through the grid, selling it back to your power company. The blinds link with other smart devices, including Google Home, Echo, and the Nest Thermostat to enable control via voice, temperature, and/or a smartphone app.

SolarGaps seek crowdfunding here on Kickstarter through June 14, 2017.

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