SleepBliss - Frequency Embedded Crystal Ball

Posted: April 24, 2018
SleepBliss - Frequency Embedded Crystal Ball
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To help cure insomnia and promote deep sleep for all, SleepBliss has stuffed some 3.4 Hz delta wave frequencies into a clear sphere you set by your bed at night. So, yeah, Disney Princes and Princesses, it's basically sleep witchcraft packaged in an actual crystal ball. Who wants to take a snooze beside this fairy tale?

According to SleepBliss, brainwave frequency research has shown that the delta wave frequency of 3.4 Hz promotes a sound, dreamless sleep. They've embedded that frequency in the SleepBliss, which emits it constantly, but only truly "connects" with your brain as you sleep. They say the emission is non-invasive, with no side effects, since the 3.4Hz frequency is a natural brainwave frequency, not an electromagnetic radiation frequency. They also say the SleepBliss crystal ball will continue to emit the frequency for a few years. After which you'll turn back into a pumpkin, unless you slay the dragon, or get the prince to kiss you.

At printing, the SleepBliss crystal ball was up for pre-order, with expected delivery beginning in May 2018. SleepBliss also has promises of money-back guarantees all over their site, but in some spots it says returns are accepted within 21 days, and in others 60 days, so when I look into my own crystal ball, I see a risk that could come with little reward, and potentially no refund.

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