Sherlock Holmes Vaporizer Pipe

Posted: November 04, 2016
Sherlock Holmes Vaporizer Pipe

You may consider the Holmes Pipe, a vaporizer twist on Detective Sherlock Holmes' iconic tobacco pipe, a sacrilege. A perversion of purity akin to turning the Houston football stadium into a Death Star for Super Bowl LI, with opposing teams dressed up as the Light Side and the Dark Side, and quarterbacked by Skywalker and Vader. Wait...that would be awesome. Let me start again.

If you scorn vaping as a practice, or consider it an obnoxious mark of Hipsterdom, you're probably not going to like the idea of a vaporizer infiltrating a revered classic, and trademark of Sherlock Holmes. But relax. The Holmes Pipe is just a concept (at least for now). Steve Bae designed it for Peterson of Dublin, an Irish cigar pipe company with a Sherlock Holmes line of products, that recently celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Bae considers his Holmes Pipe vaporizer a "next generation" smoking accessory reflective of the techno-informational world we live in today. He pays tribute to the Holmes character in his design by modeling his vape's profile after the lines of Sherlock's deerstalker hunting cap, a smooth dip from top to brim. The lines continue to form the edging of the cigar bowl, with the rest of the Holmes Pipe following a minimalist layout to further accentuate them.

The Holmes Pipe bowl has an LED indicator that makes a swirl of light instead of smoke during inhalations. A set of + / - controls trigger vaporizer voltage and depth of flavor.

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