Screwpop Hit Kit

Posted: April 03, 2020
Screwpop Hit Kit

They call the Screwpop Hit Kit a "personal herb tool," which sounds like a major clash of the dialects to me. Urban Dictionary meets...corporate PR lingo that won't offend my Aunt Jan. Or how 'bout this SAT-ready analogy: Screwpop Hit Kit is to Personal Herb Tool as ______ is to Personal Pleasure Device. Choices:

A. Dildo

B. Hot Octopuss Pulse III Guybrator

C. Paco's Taco Stroker

D. All of the Above

If you answered D, you are correct, sir! ... Wait, how did I go from Screwpop Hit Kit weed-smoking tool to sex toys? How long have we been in quarantine? How horny am I?

The Screwpop Hit Kit is designed to hold a standard BIC lighter, which you can still access and light when it's Screwpopped in place, plus 4 stash compartments, spread over a bowl, an upper cache, and 2 internal caches. The 2-piece tool magnetically assembles with alignment pins for easy cleaning, and comes with screens.

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