Physio Logic Fever-Bugz - Stick-On Fever Indicators

Posted: February 11, 2020
Physio Logic Fever-Bugz - Stick-On Fever Indicators
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Physio Logic Fever-Bugz monitor whether your kids (or you) need more cowbell in 2-degree increments for up to 48 hours per sticker. Fever-Bugz aren't thermometers per se, but for parents who want to check and monitor their kids' temperatures, the stick-on indicators will light up with indications of fevers at 99, 101, 103, or 105 degrees F within seconds of application.

Physio Logic says Fever-Bugz are accurate within 1 degree F, and their fun 'n' colorful ladybugs, butterflies, and caterpillars stick on with a hypoallergenic adhesive that is safe to wear for up to 48 hours. The extended wear period makes it particularly helpful for parents to monitor fevers throughout the day, and while their kids are sleeping at night, without disturbing them, and going through the rigamarole of trying to get them to hold still for a thermometer.

If you need a gift for a mom of little ones, she might appreciate Physio Logic Fever-Bugz even more than more cowbell.

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