Parting Stone - Turn a Loved One's Ashes Into Pebbles

Posted: August 06, 2021
Parting Stone - Turn a Loved One's Ashes Into Pebbles
$295 - $695
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A Parting Stone conversation: "Dude. Grandma is stacked." "Yeah, dude, I know...but, hey, be careful around her. I spent all day propping her up like that, I don't want anyone tipping her over."

Parting Stone is a service out of Santa Fe, NM that converts the ashes of loved ones - people and pets alike - into smooth pebbles and cairn-ready stacking stones. It joins companies such as And Vinyly records as a unique and more personal alternative to urns and other simple vessels for cremated remains. And I have to say, the results look pretty good, plus somehow natural and "right." At least to me, a dude who has a pile of Tumi Ishi Wood Rocks on his desk.

Parting Stone provides ashes-to-pebbles services for humans, dogs, and cats, and is able to solidify the full amount of ash you provide them (via mail). They produce 40 to 60 "stone-like solids" from human remains, 5 to 35 from dogs, and 6 to 10 from cats.

When you send Parting Stone your loved one's remains, they clean and decontaminate them of things like staples, screws, and implants before turning the ash into a clay-like material, and then adding a small bit of binder to help them take solid form when heated in a kiln. Resultant stones are then cleaned, polished, and returned to you and your family.

As all people, pups, and kits are different, so too are all Parting Stones - the variations in the colors and textures are completely natural, and sets of stones include an array of different shapes, just as they would if you found them on the beach or trail.

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