NEMO Puffin Blankets

Posted: January 09, 2016
NEMO Puffin Blankets
$99.95 - $169.95
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NEMO's Puffin Blanket is essentially a sleeping bag, un-mummified and without the zipper. It provides cozy, camping-quality warmth around the open fire or in front of the fireplace when the temperature drops, or the mood calls for closeness and cover. Puffin Blankets even include a fold-over flap that buttons at the feet to make a pocket for toes in search of some extra toastiness.

NEMO uses lightweight ripstop fabric stuffed with Stratofiber insulation for a technical, yet smooth feel and buoyant loft that won't completely collapse under a few raindrops or a spill. Puffin Blankets are reversible and available in 7 different dual-sided colors. When not in use they pack down to 15" x 7" in a breathable mesh storage bag. Fully open they measure 86" x 60".

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