Menorah Bong

Posted: November 22, 2016
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420 Science breaks it out only once a year, so if a 14" long, 8-bowled glass Grav Labs Menorah bong is what you've been foregoing 20 sacks and Gordita Supremes to save up for since May, here's your chance to turn your pipe dream into your dream pipe.

Since its original debut, 420 Science has scaled down the Menorah bong to desktop size, though they promise this version "can still pack an enormous hit." With all 8 bowls bubbling together when you take hold, those who make each of these fine specimens of a high holy day to order wish you good luck trying to hit them all at once.

The Grav Labs Menorah includes 8 x 10mm bowls and downstems.

This 2016 edition is limited to 60 pieces.

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