Japanese Floor Mattress

Posted: September 09, 2020
Japanese Floor Mattress
$128.87 - $168.67
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Who's up for a roll in the cotton and memory foam? This Japanese Floor Mattress, despite basically being an exotic way to say "futon without the frame", looks enticing. I love my elevated grown man bed and latex grown man with an achy back and neck mattress and all, but I must say, I would not mind taking a load off on a Japanese Floor Mattress. Make it a queen size and, yep, I'd be down for Netflix & chillin' on it for the evening.

In addition to minimalist bedrooms and guests crashing in the living room, Japanese Floor Mattresses can be folded up and brought along for use as road trip and camping mattresses. They are made of cotton top and bottom layers - 6cm each - sandwiching a 5cm memory foam middle, and covered with cotton quilting. Total thickness is about 4".

The floor mattresses come in a handful of colors and twin, full, and queen sizes.

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