Icky Stick Smooth Smoking Hand Pipe

Posted: September 02, 2017
Icky Stick Smooth Smoking Hand Pipe
$29.99 - $39.99
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I don't like the Icky Stick just because I get a kick out of its branding schtick. I mean, that's the biggest reason, but so too am I interested in this hand pipe's claim that it has been "specially designed to provide an unbeatably smooth smoke." Whether you're using tobacco, or another of your precious herbs.

Backed by solid reviews and a shiny, bullet-shaped body as smooth as its hits say they'll be, the Icky Stick aims to smoke out other handheld pipes with its interior maze filtration system. Once lit, this labyrinth directs smoke along a 32cm maze path, cooling it to happy sloth levels of chill before the clean, mellow toke touches your tongue.

Icky Sticks have an overall length of 82mm (3.2") and come in 3 anodized colors, plus stainless steel.

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