HUM! Rocket Humidifier

Posted: July 01, 2021
HUM! Rocket Humidifier

3...2...1...blast off dry eyes, parched sinuses, flaking skin, and bloody noses! The HUM! is a home humidifier shaped like a rocket, and designed to push its vapor out the bottom rather than the top, creating the superb illusion of the space explorer readying for launch every time you use it.

Though still just a concept / prototype, HUM! is a design darling that not only should be available commercially - at the speed of light, if possible - but that wouldn't be too difficult to build and manufacture. No more difficult than the equally awesome Godzilla Humidifier, anyway.

In addition to the billowing steam you see when the humidifier is functioning on its base, creators Cheolhee Lee and Minsu Kim designed the HUM! to increase the intensity of its vapor output when you pick up the rocket - that is, when it achieves liftoff.

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