Hand-Carved Incredible Hulk Nickel

Posted: July 16, 2013
Hand-Carved Incredible Hulk Nickel

Q: How does Shaun Hughes turn the buffalo side of a Buffalo nickel into an Incredible Hulk hobo with his bare hands?

A: Ha! It's a trick question! He doesn't use his bare hands. He uses grinders and Mjolnir.

Carve a nickel with his bare hands. Sheesh, what is he, the Incredible Hulk?

Up for auction on eBay through July 18, 2013, Hughes' swell transformation of five American cents into one Marvel superhero might be the coolest piece of currency I've seen since this bank teller with the hots for me flashed a $1,000 bill during my transaction last week. Next time hand it over, Wai-Mei, and maybe I'll ask you out. Maybe.

At printing the Incredible Hulk hobo nickel had achieved a high bid of $91.

Muchas danke to Obvious Winner.

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