Geizeer Ice Cube Air Conditioner

Posted: June 05, 2016
$119 - $129
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Make that "Geizeer Super Cheap and Eco-Friendly Ice Cube Air Conditioner." (And it's actually pronounced "Guy-zer," not "Gee-zer," even though in my head it will always be the latter.) At an operational cost of less than 1 cent per day, and powered entirely by a rechargeable battery and a witch's brew ice pack, the Geizeer air conditioner says it can blow a straight shot of cool and refreshing at your hot, sticky self while nestled in style on top of your desk, table, or nightstand.

Geizeer points out that traditional air conditioning is expensive to run, and can have health side effects ranging from headaches and back pain to respiratory issues due to its ultra cold and drying nature. The cooling cube takes a more subtle, natural approach, incorporating a thermal insulating wood shell and a re-freezeable internal ice pack into its battery-operated, fan-based system. The wood lower and upper halves of the Geizeer body align to form a metal-framed cube. Installed on two of its four wooden legs are electrical contacts that, when touching, signal operation of the unit's bladeless fan.

The bottom half of the Geizeer cube holds its battery and a PCB with micro USB, and above it sits the housing for the air conditioner's cooling elements, a volcano-looking pack o' gel-based ice. The fan is tucked into the lid, where it can suck in air for the ice to cool, and then blow back out through the slots that divide the cube in half for 360 degrees of chill. They say Geizeer's cooling capacity is 3 degrees Celsius for an insulated room of 12 square meters, which is incredibly annoying because I speak in Fahrenheit and feet. (And while 12 square meters easily converts to about 130 square feet for those of you who are like me, a 3-degree change in Celsius doesn't really have an easily Googled Fahrenheit counterpart, but it's probably around 5 to 7 degrees.)

If you like the Geizeer, and would like to have one, head over to Kickstarter to pledge for yours through June 14, 2016.

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