Firevase - Flower Vase with Built-in Fire Extinguisher

Posted: March 27, 2019

Think a scorned woman led to the invention of the Firevase fire extinguisher? You brought me flowers to make up for cheating on me?! [Picks up vase and heaves it towards man. Vase crashes against wall, contents splay everywhere.]

Hmmm, man thinks, now what if that attractive vase filled with beautiful flowers one would be proud to display on the countertop had somehow been filled with potassium carbonate in addition to water? And what if instead of my face, the target of her throw had been a fire on the stovetop?

The Firevase concept is a collaboration between Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Cheil Worldwide, similar to the throwable fire balls already on the market. The companies designed it for homes in South Korea, all of which are required to have a fire extinguisher, but the majority of which either don't, or have them stored in places that aren't easy to reach when needed. The idea here is that by making a fire extinguisher that doubles as a functional piece of decor homeowners will be more likely to buy one, and keep it somewhere accessible.

The Firevase is also designed to be more intuitive to activate than standard fire extinguishers - all you do here is pick it up and chuck it at the flames. The only skills required are a decent aim, and maybe the wherewithal to remember to remove the flowers first.

Firevase design consists of an outer reservoir for water and flowers, and an interior, sealed chamber that comes stocked with the potassium carbonate. When thrown at a fire, the vase shatters to release the fire suppressant.

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