Evapolar evaLIGHT Personal Air Conditioner

Posted: June 21, 2018
Evapolar evaLIGHT Personal Air Conditioner
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Evapolar's evaLIGHT personal air conditioner and I wish you a Happy First Day of Summer, and welcome you to Air Conditioning season. While my favorite 3 months of the year, summer does have its drawbacks: sweaty brows; sweaty pits; and sweaty balls.

The evaLIGHT portable AC is a compact - and very nice looking, in my opinion - cube that uses a natural evaporative cooling method to decrease the degrees of the air in your immediate vicinity, about 32 square feet. So, yeah, "personal air conditioner" really means personal air conditioner. If your wife wants to feel the 10+-degree cooling effects of Evapolar in bed, she's going to have to get her own.

The evaLIGHT also humidifies the air it intakes and filters out dust particles to help improve the overall quality of your working / living / sleeping space. It uses a USB power supply and consumes only about 10W of electricity during operation. No toxic brews required to power it either, just plain water.

One the downside, like most portable ACs, large rolling ones, window units, and desktop models alike, people have mixed feelings about the evaLIGHT. Some say the filters don't last for very long, or the device itself peters out after a few weeks of use. It's also not a miracle air cooler, and won't turn 90 degrees with a 110 heat index into a refreshing 68 on the patio. For that, I recommend filling a kiddie pool with ice, letting it cook for 15 minutes, and then settling in with a nice bottle of Bud Light Lime.

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